Our Beginning

Amanda began her Young Living journey in 1999 shortly after her mom, Flo Lewis, went through inflammatory breast cancer. Flo set out to find a natural way to manage the after-effects of the cancer. In this process she discovered Young Living. Flo has now been 24 years cancer free.  This is in large part due to managing her health naturally. Through this process Amanda started using many of the Young Living Products on a daily basis! Amanda and Travis now have two puppies that are their children for now and we want to provide not only ourselves but also our puppies with the healthiest and cleanest products we can find! We take in enough chemicals and toxins in the environment everyday so if we can make our home as clean and safe as possible we know it will help our bodies to not drop below the wellness line! 

We love Young Living, their products, and everything they stand for. They have not only helped our family to maintain wellness and peace of mind knowing that our family is not taking in toxic products in any way but they have also helped financially! Amanda was able to quit her full-time career because of the awesome paycheck we receive from our Young Living Business! Making Young Living a business opportunity is not hard at all...all you have to do is use the products and people are going to be asking YOU what you are doing because you look great! All you have to do is share your story and your business will grow! Think of all the possibilities that could open up to you and your family if you did not have to work your 9 to 5 job! 


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