Essential Oils & Frequency

The real benefit comes from the frequency that each essential oil processes. This frequency will react with our own bodies frequency. A healthy human body has a frequency between 62-68MHz. When our bodies come into contact with chemicals, consume processed foods, or are exposed to EMF’s (Ipads, cell phones, microwaves, etc.) our bodies frequency is lowered! IF our frequency drops to 58MHz we have an increased risk of getting a cold or the flu. If it drops to 42MHz we have an increased risk of getting cancer. 


So what can we do to help keep our frequency high to prevent our bodies from being at risk of getting one of these sicknesses? Use Young Living Essential Oils! Our oils now range in frequency from 52-430MHz! They help raise our frequency and keep it in a healthy state! The average person is exposed to and consumes around 300 chemicals per day and normally 80 of those are before they have even had breakfast! Act now to protect your families health before it is too late!